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Trading Psychology

The effects of trading psychology are an often underrated risk for beginning forex traders. The transition from a demo account to a live account can be more difficult than most traders expect. Learn about basic trading psychology pressures.

Forex Trading Spotlight10

The Most Inclusive Indicator Around: Ichimoku

This article breaks down a dynamic indicator known as Ichimoku. It is an all-inclusive indicator that every trend following trader should learn.

Why Investors Begin to Fear & Sell High-Yielding Currencies

Traders should be aware of a currency that has moved too far too fast due to Central Bank action. This article discusses the why & how of such events

Know How The FX Market Reacts On Geopolitical Risk

When geopolitical or financial distress shocks the world, the FX market acts in a similar fashion. Here's a quick walkthrough of common patterns.

Hawks vs. Doves: The Summer 2014 FX Version

The question is, which Central Bank will be the first to end their support for their economy in the form of QE.

FX Trading Good Habit #1: Trading with a Well-Defined Edge

The first good habit that every trader should focus on is building a trading system based on objective entries with a well-defined edge.

FX Trading Good Habit #2: Owning the Risk of Every Trade

Trading is a risk-based activity. Risk means that the outcome is uncertain and there is always a probability of incurring a loss.

FX Trading Bad Habit #4: Emotionally Guided by the Last Few Trades

Learn why you should see every trade set-up as unique and that you should emotionally divorce one trade from the next.

FX Trading Bad Habit #3: Unwillingness to allow your edge to play out

Emotional Discipline can not be learned in the classroom. Even traders with systems must have discipline to stick with their edge. Heres how you can.

What Sets Legendary Traders Apart From the Pack

Trading is easy, but it isn't simple.  The ease is do to the fact that price can either go up or down and you can either buy or sell. Trading isn't simple

The Habits That Break or Make Our FX Trading

So begins a new series to help you understand, navigate, and trade the often over-saturated yet still mysterious Forex market. Of course, the market place has

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