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Forex Glossary - Forex Terms and Definitions

Forex glossary of terms
  1. Currencies (29)
  2. Currency Pair Profiles (1)
  3. Economic Indicators (3)
  4. Technical Indicators (3)

Variable Spread
What is a variable spread?

What Does the Term Forex Spread Mean?

Economic Indicators
What is an economic indicator?

What does the forex term resistance mean?

What does the forex term support mean?

Price Action
What does the term price action mean?

Japanese Candlestick
What is a Japanese Candlestick?

Forex Micro Lot
What is a forex micro lot?

What is a Standard Lot?
The definition of a standard lot for forex trading.

Limit Order
Limit orders, what are they and how are they used?

What does the term whipsaw mean?

Demo Account
What is a forex demo account?

What does the term interbank mean?

What does the term leverage mean?

What does the term liquidity mean?

What is margin?

Market Maker
What is a market maker?

What does the term overbought mean?

What does the term oversold mean?

Techinical Indicators
The definition of a technical indicator.

The Definition of Pip
What is a pip?

Trading Platform
What is a forex trading platform?

Forex Pips Definition - What are Pips?
Information about forex pips.

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