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Forex Scams

Popular Forex Scams


Forex scams can take many forms. Some scams can be compelling or seem to be very legitimate. They take advantage of traders seeking the magic answer to winning in the forex markets. Unfortunately, there are no easy answers. Here is a quick list of some popular general forex scams.

1. Signal Sellers

It seems like a new company springs up every day that has the signal service to beat all signal services. They profess to be able to sell you information on which trades you should make. These signal sellers usually charge a daily/weekly/monthly fee for their service and usually do not offer anything that will help improve your trading. There is no such thing as having a magic key to the market and if there was, why would you sell it?

2. Phony Investment Funds

In the past few years, funds called HYIP(High Yield Investment Program) have popped up all over the place. Most of these(if not all) are scams. They promise you a high level of return for temporary use of your money in their forex fund. It is a type of Ponzi scheme where the investors of yesterday get paid back by the investors of tomorrow. Once the fund runs out of prospects, they usually close down and take whatever money they had with them.

3. Miracle Software

There is no software that will figure out the forex market for you. However, a quick google search will turn up plenty of software sellers that say otherwise. Some companies out there are selling their special “packages” for upwards of $5,000 and many times it turns out to be something that you can find on the internet for free. It is generally not advisable to buy any type of forex software that will tell you which trades to make.
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