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BJF Neural Scapler Review

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Boris of BJF Trading provided me a trial copy of an expert advisor that they sell called The MultiCurrency Neuralscalping Expert. I spent 2 months testing this product on two different brokers and the results were not as good as I had initially hoped.
What is a Neural Scalper?
The premise of this expert advisor is that it constantly takes small market variations into account and tries to make use of the information. The expert advisor will take into account multiple time frames for the currency and other data, and try to anticipate market movement.

Setup Required
This product obviously requires MetaTrader since it is an expert advisor. It does trade by itself once you set it up, but it’s quite technical. When you purchase the product you do receive precise instructions, they are not terribly complicated, but you need to be comfortable navigating around on your computer and copying files around.

This expert advisor can be used with any MetaTrader broker, but the creators do have their favorites. They advise that the product works best on brokers with ultra tight spreads.
Test Number 1 with FXDD
My first test was conducted with FXDD for no particular reason other than I already had an FXDD demo account. I was advised that I could get better results with another broker, but I declined to change brokers and installed the EA into my FXDD MetaTrader.

After a rush of trading on the first days, the system seemed to start trading very rarely. It sometimes went days without trading. I assumed this was due to a spread limitation in the program. I was concerned early on because the system immediately took a 10 percent loss on the first trade. It turned out to be the first of two 10 percent losses. However, between those losses the system would slowly edge the account balance back up.

The final result of 1 month of trading with an FXDD account was a gain of 3.91 percent. The starting account balance of the demo account was $4811 and the ending balance was $4999. Not very spectacular results, but remember that this system traded itself, all I did was write down the balance daily.

I was not impressed by these results. The price of the product was high and I really thought the results should have been better based on that. I talked with the creators of the EA about the results and they told me that I could try again using FXCM for better results.
Test Number 2 with FXCM
I opened an FXCM MetaTrader account and installed the expert advisors again. This time, my first experiences were some positive balance increases. This made me feel confident that the software creators were right, that this experience would be much better.

Technical Problems
One issue that I noticed this time was that if I restarted MetaTrader the expert advisor would fail to start correctly. It would look like it was working, but in the MetaTrader logs, it would show up as unregistered. The solution was just to remove the EAs from the charts and reapply them, and they would come back online correctly.

The same problem with the infrequency of trades happened again. Sometimes I would not really see the system trading for several days. This time there was only one major loss and the other losses were small. The problem was, there were very few gains. The month ended with a loss of 4.13 percent.

An important thing to note is that the demo balance was bigger for the FXCM account. This time the starting balance was $10,000 and the ending balance was $9586. The lot size was the same for both tests, the system was set up to trade standard lots. Taking the percentages out of the equation, no matter what your account balance was, over two months you would have ended up with a loss of $225.
Overall, I feel neutral about this product. I don’t see it as a big winner or a big loser. It performed mediocre over the 60 days of testing. Considering the price tag of $969.95, I had higher expectations. If you have experience with this trading system, please feel free to post your own review.
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