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Forex Fundamental Analysis - Forex Trading Based on Economics

Fundamental analysis is considered to be the classic way of investing. It revolves around the theory that no matter what happens in the short term, eventually the price of your investment must follow the economic numbers. Fundamental analysis takes things into account such as interest rates and economic reports.

Why is the JPY so Weak And Is There Still a Potential Trade?

Introduction to Fundamental Analysis
Fundamental analysis is basing the valuation of an asset on important economic reports. In forex trading, we refer to these reports as economic indicators.

The Federal Reserve Tapered, Here's What That Means To Forex
Trading Forex as the US DOLLAR looks to emerge as a desired currency with economic indicators like employment and GDP outperform expecations.

Economic Indicators
Economic indicators are pieces of data from important economic reports. Most of economic indicators are published by government agencies or select private groups. When taking multiple economic indicators into account for a country, traders can get a well rounded sense of a country's financial health.

Fundamental Analysis Terminology
Terms used in fundamental analysis for forex trading and markets in general.

You Should Know How The FX Market Reacts On Geopolitical Risk
When geopolitical or financial distress shocks the world, the FX market acts in a similar fashion. Here's a quick walkthrough of common patterns.

About Fundamental Analysis
A closer look at using fundamentals in forex trading.

Trading the News
A look at fundamental news trading.

An Example of Central Bank Talk Affecting Forex With The AU Dollar
When a central bank talks, Forex traders should listen. This is known as verbal intervention and it can lead to beneficial trade set-ups.

Forex News
How to accomplish forex news trading.

Forex News Trading

What is Forex News Trading?

Forex news trading is trading as a news release comes out and trying to catch the initial market move.

As tempting as it can be to try to make some fast money, here are some reasons why this is a dangerous strategy.

Forex vs Stocks
What advantages does forex trading hold over stock trading? Is stock trading more regulated? Are there any bear markets in forex trading?

Which Currencies Are At Risk With The Taper In Play in 2014
Trends in the Forex market have largely been determined by Quantitative Easing in Developed Countries since 2008. A QE withdraw may reverse trends.

Could the Weak Canadian Dollar Trade Be The Hottest FX Trade of 2014?
Forex trading allows you to identify weak currencies like the CAD to build your trading plan around. Here's why the Canadian Dollar is attractive.

Understand the Link Between USDJPY & SPX500

Why won't the Euro Fall?
Shorting the EURUSD was supposed to be 'The Trade of 2014', but the Euro is now resiliently pushing hire. Here why this move may continue.

Was The March FOMC A Game Changer For The USDOLLAR?
The FX market was shocked by the March FOMC but it's uncertain if Yellen's first press conference was enough to trigger across the board USD buying.

Hawks vs. Doves: The Summer 2014 FX Version
The question is, which Central Bank will be the first to end their support for their economy in the form of QE.

Why Investors Begin to Fear & Sell High-Yielding Currencies
Traders should be aware of a currency that has moved too far too fast due to Central Bank action. This article discusses the why & how of such events

A Simple Guide To Trading News Events in FX.
If you're a trader who is looking for moves to ride, look no further than economic news events. Here's a Guide To Trading News Events in FX.

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