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Forex Trading Technical Analysis - Using Technical Analysis in Forex

FOrex Trading Technical analysis can be used in a multitude of ways. Learn about technical indicators, what fibbonacci is, and how to use support and resistance.

Introduction to Technical Analysis
Technical analysis has long been used in traditional markets like the stock market. Technical analysis methods rely on price history in order to predict the future. There are numerous methods used in the predicting, but the bottom line is that they always rely on price movements of the past. Technical analysis takes a few different forms and...

Support and Resistance
The concept of support and resistance is simple. Support can be thought of as a floor for the price while resistance can be thought of as the ceiling for the price. When the price breaks through a resistance, that level becomes the new support level. The reverse is true when the price breaks through a support level.

Technical Analysis - Indicators
A list of common indicators used in technical analysis.

Mind The Gap on the Forex Chart

Using Trend Lines
How to use trend lines to trade the forex market

Fibonacci Trading
Understanding and using the fibonacci theory to trade forex.

Support and Resistance
The basics of using support and resistance.

Using a Simple Forex Trading System
Are you using a simple forex system?

Trading Price Channels In The Forex Market For Trend Trade Triggers
Price channels show you the dynamics of support and resistance within an overall trend. A break or honoring of the channel can present a trade setup.

How To Trade Failed Breakout & Chart Patterns
If a breakout doesn't hold, then you may have found a trading signal at an opportune time. Here's how you can identify legitimate and false breakouts.

What is Elliott Wave
Elliott Wave is a way to view the markets in a discplined manner across all time frames to limit risk and spot opportunities for trading.

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