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Forex Trading Psychology - Psychology and Forex Trading

Forex Trading psychology is very important. The leverage involved in forex trading can cause emotional swings that can affect your trading decisions.

Introduction to Trading Psychology
Trading psychology is the perception change that you go through once you are actively in the markets trading your own money. When trading on a demo account, it seems like it would be easy to make money and there seems to be no reason why you wouldnÂ’t be able to start making money with a live account. Then, you make that first live trade...

The Psychology of Holding a Losing Trade
Trading Forex is both easier and more difficult that first perceived. Trading Psychology is often where traders should begin when trading.

Trading Anxiety
Trading anxiety can be a problem for traders that have suffered from serious losses. Anxiety can cause a loss of confidence, fear of mistakes, and take away your ability to be objective

Market Sentiment
Understanding market sentiment.

Revenge Trading
The dangers of revenge trading.

How to Deal with a Margin Call
Coping with a margin call.

Forex Trading Psychology
Learning to master yourself in order to succeed at forex trading.

Being a Currency Trader
The entertainment of trading currency

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