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Forex Trading: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
Your Introduction to Forex Trading
Guide to forex trading, what is is, how to trade it, and how to get started.
Forex Trading Isn't a Scam (It Is Complicated,...
The inner workings of foreign exchange trading
Choosing a Lot Size
Understanding forex trading lots
What's the Best Time to Trade the Forex Market?
When are the best forex trading hours. When should you be trading?
Is the Amero the Currency That Will Replace the...
The Amero is a currency that represents the United States, Mexico, and Canada, but will it replace the Dollar, the Loonie, and the Peso?
Introduction to Forex Hedging
What is forex hedging? Forex Trading.
What does it mean to "go long"?
: What does it mean to "go long"? : When you “go long” you are simply placing a buy order on a currency
7 Reasons Why Forex Traders Lose Money
Reasons why forex traders lose money
What does it mean to "go short"?
: What does it mean to "go short"? : When you “go short” you are simply placing a sell order on a
What is a forex spread?
What is a forex spread? Forex Trading.
Mistakes That Forex Traders Make
Some of mistakes most often made by forex traders.
When does the forex market open?
Forex market hours. Forex Trading.
What is Currency Trading?
What is Currency Trading? Forex Trading.
Building Your Forex Trading Strategy
A business owner wouldn't be taken seriously without a business plan and a trader will have a doubtful chance at long-term success without a strategy.
Forex Pips Definition - What are Pips?
The word pips is actually an acronym for percentage in point. If that didn't help you, here is a better explanation that is less technical:
Introduction to Forex Risk Management
How to manage risk with forex trading.
Forex Scams
Forex scams seem to be everywhere on the internet. They can take many different forms. Here is a basic list of some of the most prominent ones.
The Benefits of Forex Trading
There are five things give trading the forex market some unique advantages.
How to Read a Forex Quote
What is a bid price? Forex Trading.
What Is Foreign Exchange Trading?
What is foreign exchange trading and how does it work?
Forex vs Stocks
What advantages does forex trading hold over stock trading? Is stock trading more regulated? Are there any bear markets in forex trading?
What is an Expert Advisor?
What is an Expert Advisor. Forex Trading.
What is a Forex Broker?
What is a forex broker and what do they actually do?
What is an interest rate differential?
What is an interest rate differential?
Forex Profit
How to profit with forex trading
The Best Way to Learn Forex Trading
The best ways to learn and approach forex trading.
Using a Weekly Forex Trading System
How to trade forex using a weekly system.
Trading Foreign Exchange Online
Making online foreign exchange trades
Making Your First Forex Trade
Oanda Trading Tutorial - Step 5 - Set Stop Loss and Take Profit Levels. Page 5.
Understanding Foreign Exchange Trading
What is foreign exchange trading all about?
An Explanation of Leverage
Understanding the use of leverage.
Get Started with Forex Trading
Step by step instructions to get started with forex trading
Trading on Margin
Margin trading is just another tool. You can use it to make impressive gains and simultaneously risk excessive loss. Trading on margin effectively is best done with a reasonable amount of experience and a strict risk management policy.
What is a Forex Brokerage?
What is a forex brokerage and how are they used?
Big Picture Forex Trading - A Long Term Forex...
The big picture method is one of the safest methods to trade forex. Long term forex trading is a low stress way to do forex trading.
How to Open a Forex Trading Account
Looking to open a forex trading account? Find out how!
The Russian Ruble Roller Coaster
USDRUB has moved front-in-center in Financial News as Oil's drop caused Russia to take measures to discourage RUB sellers. Here's why this matters.
Using Automated Forex Software
Using automated software to trade forex.
Forex Brokers List
A list of forex trading brokers.
Choosing a Forex Broker
How to choose a forex broker. Forex Trading.
How to Practice Before Trading Live
Practice may seem unnecessary but there are valuable components to it beyond what many expect. Here's how I practice and you can to.
The Expert Trade Adviser That Never Sleeps
Information on forex robots. Forex Trading.
Forex - What is it?
If you're looking for information on the magical land of forex, this is it. Learn about forex,trading currency, and becoming successful.
Methods of Forex Trading
Different methods of forex trading that can bring success.
Using a Simple Forex Trading System
Forex trading may be more simple that you expect. There is a very simple system that can lead to making profit. Find out what it is.
How Much do Currency Traders Make?
How much can you make trading foreign currencies?
What is a Forex Account?
What is a forex account and how is it used?
Is Forex a Scam
Is forex trading a scam?
Using A Demo Account
How to use a forex demo account.
How Interest Rates Affect Forex Trading
Forex rates are always on the move. One thing that is always an underlying factor that is constant is the interest rate on a currency.
Forex Scalping - A Dangerous Game
There are right and wrong ways to scalp forex. Are you scalping forex the right way?
Trading Forex with a Trailing Stop
How to use forex trailing stops.
Beginner's Guide to Carry Trading
Carry trading is one of the most simple strategies for currency trading that exists. A carry trade is when you buy a high interest currency against a low interest currency. For each day that you hold that trade, your broker will pay you the interest difference between the two currencies, as long as you are trading in the interest positive direction.
Forex Orders
In forex trading, there are several different types of orders that you can use to make and control your trades. There are orders that control both how you enter and how you exit the market.
Bretton Woods
What is the Bretton Woods System?
Forex Robots
Forex Robots, what are they and how are they used?
Forex Charts
The Basics of Forex Charts. Forex Trading.
Opening a Forex Account
How to open a forex account. Forex Trading.
Oanda Review - A Review of the Oanda Forex...
A forex broker review of Oanda. Forex Trading.
What is a Currency Pair?
Forex Trading Currency Pairs
The definition of pip is percentage in point
Forex Trading Demo
Using a forex trading demo account.
What is Drawdown?
What does the term drawdown mean?
Introduction to Forex Technical Analysis
Technical analysis has long been used in traditional markets like the stock market. Technical analysis methods rely on price history in order to predict the future. There are numerous methods used in the predicting, but the bottom line is that they always rely on price movements of the past. Technical analysis takes a few different forms and many methods of use.
The Biggest One Day Forex Major Move In History:
The one sure thing in the FX market was the SNB floor for EURCHF at 1.20 which they abandoned on Thursday morning. Here's what that means.
What is a Margin Call?
What is an account margin call? Forex Trading.
What is a mini lot?
What does the term mini lot mean?
Forex Spread
What Does the Term Forex Spread Mean? Find the definition here.
What is a Currency Trader?
What is a currency trader and what do they do?
Forex Leverage
The advantages and disadvantages of using leverage with forex trading.
Advanced Forex Trading Techniques
Forex trading can be as simple or as complicated as you want it to be. In the beginning forex trading seems like it is simple. It seems like your only job as a trader is to pick what direction a currency pair is going to go and collect your profit. If only it were that simple all the time.
What is a Pip?
What does the acronym P.I.P. stand for?
Most Active Forex Trading Times
When is the forex market most active?
Forex Investing Strategies
Some forex investing strategies to get you started with forex trading.
Hedge Trading Systems for Forex
How to use hedging to minimize forex trading risk
Geppy - How to trade GBP JPY
Trading the dangerous Geppy GPY JPY currency pair.
Forex Risk Management Strategies
Strategies to manage forex risk and help you survive to continue trading.
Trading On A Forex Demo Account
Learning how to trade forex using a forex demo account.
Forex Trading Education
Getting a forex trading education
How Forex Traders Can Identify A Favorable...
Every trader should begin by determining which market environment we're currently in. From there, you can work on entry rules.
What are the best forex trading hours?
The best times for trading the forex markets.
Why do Brokers Give You so Much Leverage?
Why forex brokers offer forex traders so much leverage?
Can you Learn to Trade Forex from a Trading...
Tips on learning to trade forex in a trading forum.
How to Become a Forex Trader
The steps to be begin a forex trading career.
Is Forex Trading Flexible?
Forex trading is sought by new and experienced traders because whether you own a business or are working a 9-5 job, FX is very accessible.
Introduction to Fundamental Analysis
Fundamental analysis is basing the valuation of an asset on important economic reports. In forex trading, we refer to these reports as economic indicators.
Stop Loss Basics
Stop losses, what are they, and how do you use them?
How To Trade Forex
How To make forex trades for profit.
Rules for Trading the Forex Market
10 forex trading rules to live by.
How to Find a Forex Broker
How you go about finding a forex broker
Online Forex Trading
to get started with online forex trading.
Margin is the amount of money required in your account to keep your trades on the market. If you are trading at 50:1 leverage and you have an open trade for 10,000 USD, the margin required in your account to support that trade is around $200 USD. You can figure out this number by dividing your trade size by your leverage amount. So 10,000/50 = 200
Learn Forex Trading
The basic tools to help you learn forex trading.
What is a take profit order?
A description of take profit orders
Is forex trading or commodity trading better?
The difference between trading forex and trading commodities
Oanda Trailing Stops - A Tutorial for Using...
Oanda Trailing Stops Tutorial Step 4. Page 4.
How FX Traders Identify the Trend
How to identify FX trends is simple and important to multiple markets. Here's a quick breakdown on simple and effective trending indicators.
Forex Day Trading Methods
The methods used to do daytrading in the forex market
Micro Forex Trading Accounts
Are you interested in opening a micro forex trading account. Find out what they are, how to open one, and how to make money.
What is MetaTrader
What is MetaTrader? Forex Trading.
Support and Resistance
The concept of support and resistance is simple. Support can be thought of as a floor for the price while resistance can be thought of as the ceiling for the price. When the price breaks through a resistance, that level becomes the new support level. The reverse is true when the price breaks through a support level.
What does INR stand for? Forex Trading.
Finding a Forex Strategy
Finding a forex strategy is not a simple task. It will depend on many different factors that have to be tailored to the individual trader.
Trading Interest Rate Differentials
How to trade interest rate differentials
Forex Forum
Using a forex forum and learning from it.
What is a stop loss?
A description of stop loss orders
What Does 'Buy the Rumor Sell the News' Mean?
Buy the rumor, sell the news is something that happens in most markets, particularly financial. Sometimes traders trade based on what they believe will happen in a given economic report, or event. Once the event passes or the report is released, they dump their positions and the market moves.
Making Forex Trades
How to make forex trades. Forex Trading.
Free Forex Demo Account
Using a free forex demo account to practice forex trading
Opening a Forex Demo Account
How to open a forex demo account
Finding a 100 Percent Accurate Forex Trading...
Do accurate forex trading systems exist? How do you find them? Find out.
When is the asian trading session for forex...
Asian forex trading session hours
Do you want to Learn Forex?
How you can learn forex. Forex Trading.
Forex Forum Personalities
The type of traders you will typically find in a forex forum
Forex Trading Software
Using forex trading software to do forex trading.
Forex Trading on a Budget
How to trade forex on a budget. Forex Trading.
The Psychology of Holding a Losing Trade
Trading Forex is both easier and more difficult that first perceived. Trading Psychology is often where traders should begin when trading.
What does GBP stand for? Forex Trading.
Introduction to The Majors
An introduction to major forex trading pairs.
Objectively Identify What A Valid Entry Looks...
Develop an objective way to enter the forex market so that you may increase your odds of profitable trading.
Forex Micro Lot
What is a forex micro lot? Forex Trading.
Forex Professional Leverage
What type of leverage do professional forex traders actually use?
Automated Forex Trading
How to use automation in forex trading.
The FX Trend Traders Trading Plan
Trader with the trend almost seem to simple to work but over time, it has proven itself as one of the sturdiest trading strategies around.
Introduction to Moving Averages
Moving averages are one of the most commonly used technical indicators in forex trading. The moving average helps traders to track the overall pricing trend of a currency.
Economic Indicators
Economic indicators are pieces of data from important economic reports. Most of economic indicators are published by government agencies or select private groups. When taking multiple economic indicators into account for a country, traders can get a well rounded sense of a country's financial health.
FXCM Review
A review of the forex broker FXCM
Trading Forex Online
How to get started with trading forex online.
What is a Forex Trader
Description of a forex trader. Forex Trading.
Learn Forex
Do you want to learn forex? Learn forex in several easy steps.
What Does "Catching A Falling Knife" Mean?
The meaning of catching a falling knife
Intellichart Review – A Review of...
FXTrek's Intellichart system reviewed.
Forex Mini Account
What is a forex mini account? Forex Trading.
How to Survive Your First Month Trading Forex
Getting out of your first month of forex trading alive.
Opening Range Breakouts in the FX Market
Opening Ranges can provide traders objective levels to decide whether they should join the larger trend or step aside until the trend resumes.
Are expert advisors profitable?
Are forex expert advisors profitable or not?
Learn Forex Trading for Free
RECOMMENDED: How to learn forex trading for free.
Opening a mini forex account
Are you looking to open a mini forex account and you want to know how to do it, Look no further! About.com forex trading tutorials and more.
5 Ways to Fail at Forex Trading
How to fail at forex trading with style.
Is forex trading risky?
How risky is forex trading?
Extreme Forex Leverage
If you don't think using extreme leverage in forex trading can ruin you, think again.
What is a Forex Trading Platform
What is a forex trading platform?
Know When To Fold 'Em: Risk Management Strategy
Learning how to trade Forex well can only be done if you can manage risk. Once risk is manged, you can work on building a true edge.
Being a Currency Trader
What it's like to be a currency trader
What does CAD stand for? Forex Trading.
What is backtesting?
What is backtesting and why should you do it?
Real Time Forex Trading
Trading forex in real time. Forex Trading.
Limit Order
Limit orders, what are they and how are they used?
The Striking Similarities between Trading &...
If you can understand the similarities between trading and gambling from the casino's point of view, you can build your trading edge!
Using a Forex Trading Journal
How to increase your odds of success using a forex trading journal.

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