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Forex FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions About Forex Trading

Frequently asked questions about forex trading

What is Event Risk?
The meaning of the forex term event risk

Why do Forex Traders Lose Money
Reasons why forex traders lose money

When is the asian trading session for forex trading?
Asian forex trading session hours

When is the US trading session for forex trading?
US forex trading session hours

What is Risk Aversion
The meaning of the term risk aversion.

What is Drawdown?
What does the term drawdown mean?

What is a trendline?

What is an interest rate differential?
What is an interest rate differential?

What is an Expert Advisor?
What is an Expert Advisor

What is MetaTrader
What is MetaTrader?

What is a take profit order?
A description of take profit orders

What is a stop loss?
A description of stop loss orders

What is a mini lot?
What does the term mini lot mean?

What does it mean to "go long"?
What does the term "go long" mean?

What does it mean to go short?
What does the term "go short" mean?

What is a forex spread?
What is a forex spread?

What is scalping?
What is scalping and why do you do it?

What is backtesting?
What is backtesting and why should you do it?

What is the US Dollar Index
The US Dollar index was created to measure the value of the United States Dollar against a basket of foreign currencies.

What does buy the rumor sell the news mean?
The meaning of 'buy the rumor sell the news'.

What is market noise?
What does the term 'market noise' mean?

5 Things to Look for in a Forex Broker
Looking for a forex broker can be time consuming and confusing. Here is a list of 5 things to look for when trying to choose a forex broker.

What are the best forex trading hours?
The best trading hours for forex trading.

What is a Margin Call?
What is an account margin call?

What is a Pip?
What does the acronym P.I.P. stand for?

How much money do I need to get started?
What type of start of capital is needed to being forex trading?

Mistakes That Forex Traders Make
When beginning in forex trading, there are common mistakes to be avoided. This is a list of common forex trading mistakes.

Why Do Brokers Give You So Much Leverage?
Why brokers are more than willing to hand out leverage to forex traders.

Do I need good credit to trade on margin?
Why you can get margin without good credit.

Is forex trading risky?
How risky is forex trading?

What is the Interbank?
What is the interbank and how does it relate to forex trading?

What is Carry Trading?
What is the carry trading method?

What is a Currency Pair?
Forex Trading Currency Pairs

What is a Forex Trader
Description of a forex trader.

Is Forex a Scam
Is forex trading a scam?

Is forex trading or commodity trading better?
The difference between trading forex and trading commodities

What is a forex robot?
Information on forex robots.

What is a technical indicator
Information on technical indicators

Forex - What is forex?
Information on forex.

Are expert advisors profitable?
Are forex expert advisors profitable or not?

Are Forex Robots Profitable?
Profiting with a forex robot

Is Forex Trading for Everyone
Forex trading is something that everyone can do, if they are determined. That being said, forex trading is not for everyone. It takes a certain amount of persistance and the ability to adapt to changes easily. Here are a few things that would be helpful for someone that wants to trade forex.?

What is a Forex Broker
What is a forex broker and what do they do?

What is a trailing stop?
Helpful information on trailing stops

Worst Forex Mistakes
What are some of the worst forex mistakes traders can make?

What Does "Catching A Falling Knife" Mean?
How catching a falling knife can be a deadly trading maneuver.

What is a Forex Brokerage?
The function of a forex brokerage in forex trading.

What is a Currency Trader?
Information about what it is to be a currency trader?

What is a Forex Account?
The specifics of having a forex account?

What is a Forex Broker?
Information on Forex Brokers

How Much do Currency Traders Make?
How much can you make trading currencies?

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